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12 Weeks | Ages 18 to 24

Hola! The next VOICES cast is gearing up for a grand multi-country program in Latin America. Prepare for an unforgettable journey through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador & Costa Rica, where vibrant cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and new friendships await!


12 Weeks | Ages 18 to 24

Namaste! From the bustling streets of Delhi to the historic city of Dehradun, India beckons! Embark on a rich immersive program as UWP tours its different cultural centers. Explore the magnificence of India alongside gaining lifelong memories and immense personal growth.


4 Weeks | Ages 18 to 24

Hello! This summer, get ready for an art-filled summer adventure as UWP travels across university campuses in the United States. A unique blend of Leadership Development, Educational Experience, Artistic Exploration, and Discovery – LEAD promises to be an extraordinary journey.

Up with People empowers
YOUTH to lead CHANGE in the WORLD through

Performing Arts, Dialogue, World travel

Participants from
138 countries
22,000 +
Shows performed in 70+ countries
25,000 +
Community service hours
3 M +
Host families
800,000 +
Global partners
30,000 +

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